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Everyday from March 1st to Nov. 30th.
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Protestant women imprisoned in the Tower of Constance

Protestant women imprisoned in the Tower of Constance

In revoking the Edict of Nantes, Louis XIV forbade Protestantism in France. For those who continued to live out their faith, they held secret gatherings called ‘Desert assemblies’, and those who were caught were severely punished. Women were sentenced to be locked up for the rest of their days in the prisons in the kingdom. There were many prisons, but the most famous is the Tower of Constance in Aigues-Mortes (Gard).

The Desert Museum pays tribute to these women in a room that is dedicated to them. The plaques recalls the names of over 130 of them, who could have been freed had they renounced their faith.

The notices below are made up of these names and are completed by the following sources :

- Les Bulletins de la Société de l’Histoire du Protestantisme Français, especially the 1968 edition (the year that commemorated the freeing of the last prisoners from the Tower of Constance).

- Charles Sagnier - La tour de Constance et ses prisonnières (Paris, 1880).

- Charles Bost - Les martyrs d’Aigues Mortes (Paris, 1922)

- Charles Bost - Les prédicants protestants des Cévennes et du Bas Languedoc (Paris, 1912. Republished in 2001).

- and many others…

The captive ones. The list

- the captive ones (Letter A)
- the captive ones (Letter B)
- the captive ones (Letter C)
- the captive ones (Letter D)
- the captive ones (Letters E&F)
- the captive ones (Letters G, H, I&J)
- the captive ones (Letter L)
- the captive ones (Letter M)
- the captive ones (Letters N, O&P)
- the captive ones (Letter R)
- the captive ones (Letter S)
- the captive ones (Letters T, U&V)

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