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The Protestant Galley-Slaves

The Protestant Galley-Slaves

In 1685, XIV forbade Protestantism is France when he revoked the Edict of Nantes.

Many Protestants converted to Catholicism and many others fled to refugee countries to freely live out their faith. Others still, stayed in France and tried to celebrate their religion that was forbidden by the royal monarchy. If they were caught, they were condemned for ‘religious crimes’. Pastors were executed, women were imprisoned for life, and men were sent as galley-slaves on the royal galley-ships that protected the coast.

The Desert Museum, in a Memorial dedicated to these men, displays a list of over 2,700 "galley-slaves for the faith". This list helped make up the notices that you can consult on this site. The following sources completed them :

- The work by Gaston Tournier Les Galères de France et les galériens protestants des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles (edited by the Museum in 1943-1949), became a reference book and was made available with it’s new edition in 1984.

- The Bulletins Historiques from the ‘Société de l’Histoire du Protestantisme Français’.

- The decrees and letters of condemnation preserved at the Desert Museum.

- The Dictionnaire des Camisards (Pierre Rolland, éd. Presses du Languedoc).

galley-slaves for the faith. The list

- Galley-Slaves (Letter A)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter B)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter C)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter D)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter E)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter F)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter G)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter H)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter I)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter J)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter K)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter L)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter M)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter N)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter O)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter P)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter Q)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter R)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter S)
- Galley-Slaves (Letter T)
- Galley-Slaves (Letters U&V)
- Galley-Slaves (Letters W, Y&Z)

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